The Västtrafik operates the bus, tram and ferry boat systems in Gothenburg. 

Bus and tram interchange stations are specially designed to facilitate fast and safe switching between different modes of transport and are easily accessible for special-needs passengers.


With its 12 lines, 117 km of tracks and 132 stations, Gothenburg’s tram system is one of the largest in North-Europe. The trams run approximately every 8-10 minutes during daylight and twice every hour at night.


Buses operate in throughout Gothenburg and are the perfect solution to travel quickly through the city. Bus lines heading in the same direction often departs from the same part of the city. There are several express bus lines leaving the city and connecting to the far outskirts, cities and towns around Gothenburg. Unlike the inner-city buses, they have comfortable seats and travel quickly.


Two ferry services run across the river. Älvsnabben is the regular ferry service with traffic every thirty minutes and Älvsnabbare, which runs between Rosenlund and Lindholmspiren (free of charge) during work hours. Beside transports, this can be a good way to see the city from the river.

Ferries to the southern archipelago run from Saltholmen, with three different lines: Vrångö line, Brännö Rödsten line and the less trafficated Förö line. The service runs once an hour or less.


In Gothenburg, trams, buses and boats are always included in your public transport ticket/card. All tickets and travelling cards can be purchased at any of the public transport operator Västtrafik’s sales outlets and at the tourist information centers.

Tourists and others, planning to travel every day, are advised to buy a 1, 3 or 30 day ticket. A blue card called the Västtrafik card is charged with ticket information. They cost 80 SKR (1 day), 160 SKR (3 days) and 505 SKR (30 days) inside Gothenburg.


There are several taxi companies, for example Taxi Göteborg (031-650000), Taxi Kurir (031-272727) and Minitaxi (031-140140). Taxi fares in Gothenburg are not regulated and are therefore very expensive.

It’s your responsibility to check the prices beforehand. You can do so by checking the yellow and white label on the backdoor window of the taxi car. The unit price is usually between 290 SKR and 390 SKR. 

Many Taxis accept payment by credit card.