Full Papers:

  • Vitalii Ivanov and Kari Smolander: Implementation of a DevOps Pipeline for Serverless Applications
  • Adrian Santos Parrilla, Markku Oivo and Natalia Juristo: Moving Beyond the Mean: Analyzing Variance in Software Engineering Experiments
  • Adrian Santos Parrilla, Janne Jarvinen, Jari Partanen, Markku Oivo and Natalia Juristo: Does the performance of TDD hold across software companies and premises? A group of industrial experiments on TDD
  • Marcelo Marinho, Alexandre Luna and Sarah Beecham: Global Software Development: Practices for Cultural Differences
  • Abdallah Salameh and Julian Bass: Influential Factors of Aligning Spotify Squads – A longitudinal embedded case study
  • Patricia Lopez, Jon Mabe, Leire Etxeberria and Eneko Gorritxategi: Iterative Prototyping Methodology for the Development of Innovative and Dependable Complex Embedded Systems through SPC&KPI Techniques

Short Papers:

  • Di Wang and Matthias Galster: An Exploratory Study on Software Products and Development Organizations in New Zealand
  • Steve Counsell, Stephen Swift, Mahir Arzoky and Giuseppe Destefanis: Do developers really worry about refactoring re-test? An empirical study of open-source systems
  • Christian Prause and Alfred Hönle: Emperor’s New Clothes: Transparency through Metrication in Customer-Supplier Relationships